New Year’s Eve painting 2016

This blog is to show my newest work and to provide an insight into my working practices and the environment, particularly the landscape, here in West Wales.

On New Year’s Eve 2016, I went out in my van to the hills above Newport, Pembrokeshire, where stunning views of the coastline can be seen.

It is one of my favourite places to paint. The lighting changes quickly depending on the weather, so there is a need to work rapidly. The variety in colour and tone due to the intensity of light and shadow projected onto the land is always interesting.

I had a large piece of heavy gauge watercolour paper pinned to my drawing board, 11″x 30″ This gives a panoramic slice of the landscape.

I used acrylics for this painting – they dry quickly, enabling me to work at speed and I can blast the paper with hot air from the cabin of my van.

I park the vehicle facing my subject . I can rest the drawing board across my thighs and the three seats, with paints and water at the ready, leaving one hand free for the palette and the other for the brushes.

The last painting of 2016

The last painting of 2016

The weather was misty inland, with very low cloud everywhere but on the coast. The sky met the sea with no discernable horizon, so that heavy clouds looked like distant mountains. An hour or so, and the painting was done. I had no wish to overwork it, and the conditions move so fluidly that you could carry on for ever.

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