5th January 2017

Crow Road

I headed up to a little field entrance, with views to the West with lots of big gnarled trees  in the foreground. I had been up there yesterday, and started this painting. The weather had cut short my earlier visit, but it was set fair for the day, so I was confident of completing my study.
There was a good deal of corvid activity, as the crows and ravens were regularly chasing off buzzards and kites. The silence was interrupted with the neighbourly disputes.
I had managed to block-in most of the background the previous day, so was free to concentrate on some of the detail, without the pressure to work too quickly before the light changed.


“Crow Road” in progress

Obviously there was a fair amount of adjustment to be made with the difference in conditions but on the whole, it was a very similar day.


Painting Crow Road in the van

The acrylics enable me to work quickly and a blast from the powerful fan heater on board makes short work of even impasto.


The view from the cockpit


“The Crow Road”

The painting complete, it was time to have a cup of tea. The flask was sitting ready for me, but as I was so close to home, I drove back down the hill and drank it in my kitchen.

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