24th February 2017

The morning after storm Doris hit the UK, the wind was gone and the crisp Winter sun was shining. It was decided that we should go for a walk along the old railway track that runs behind our house. The dogs were very excited, even they do this walk twice a day, and soon, Django, our wiry Jack Russell was stuffing his face into molehills. Carlo (wife) talked about trying to get some photos of the ravens in the trees, which we see regularly, and reminded me that soon the greenery will return to the treetops and the black shapes will be hidden again.
I was looking across the river at the thicket of young and old trees. This area had not been “managed” for years and had wonderful tangled boughs and branches at all angles. I could just see a few cottages from the next village, Hebron, peeping through the wooden screen.
The morning sun was picking out fantastic shapes and colours and Carlo suggested that I delayed my next job (decorating some ceramic mirror frames) and make the most of the weather, especially as the forecast for the next two days was wet.
Recently I have been painting mostly on heavy watercolour paper, but I fancied working on canvas but the only ones I had ready were too big. I rummaged through some ancient old paintings and found one that had never really been finished.
Like many of the old masters, I was going to paint over an old one!
The picture was from 1982, when I was at Trent Poly. Now thirty-five years later, it was to provide the ground for a new piece of work.
I took some photos of the work in progress….i think i will return to this spot before the green shoots of Spring beat me to it.

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