Plein air painting Wales

A break in the weather

One of the problems of painting in-situ is (in the UK) the weather. It’s a constant battle and I have learnt to grab the chance to get out there whenever I can.

Out here in the West we get more than our fair share of rain. Every mile inland from the coast adds an inch per year to our rainfall. The weather here is also very localised, especially with the position of the various hills and the (usual)southwesterlies.

With “Festivus” out of the way and a break in the interminable rain, a cold front moved in and I was going to make the most of the January sunshine.

I headed a few miles north where there is a big pull-in capable of parking lorries and big enough for me to place my van facing the Preseli hills to the west. There was a bit of snow on the tops and strong shadows cast from the fluffy clouds that were hurtling across the sky.

From the cockpit of the van I worked rapidly sketching out the scene, building up the layers of paint, and squinting into the sun.  Soon enough, three finished paintings were ready to blast with the fanheater on full. It was frantic stuff with the constantly changing light and the biting wind that was buffetting the unsteady Peugot. I headed for home as the snow began to fall.

Plein air Landscape painting Wales

Big Cloud

Plain air Landscape painting Wales

Snow Top

Plein air painting Wales

Shadows On The Hill

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